Do Chairs Have to Match the Dining Table?

When it comes to interior design, there are no real rules and a lot of it is based on your personal preference and taste. If you’re curious about dining room tables and chairs specifically and whether or not they have to match, the answer is simple; go with the option that you like best. 

Matching can be great and having your chairs not match the dining table can be just as great. It all depends on the look you’re after and the appearance you want the room and furniture to have. Generally, it’s better to stay away from having everything match because too much of one thing can be overwhelming. The same applies to having the different components match too little because there should always be some elements that flow together. Patterns are appealing, so try to have similar styles when it comes to the design, colours and shapes of the chairs to help create a nice balance. 

Matching some parts or a few elements will create an overall look and space that is very appealing to the eye. This can be achieved with even basic matching skills, so there’s no need to go overboard and force every single detail to match. There’s really no right or wrong answer and the approach you take should be the one that suits your style the best. If you prefer to have some matching elements, it doesn’t have to be between the tables and chairs. For example, you can match the chairs with the light fixtures or wall décor instead and have your table look completely different. 

Contrast is important and very appealing when it comes to furniture. Mixing and matching chairs is a very easy way to achieve this and can be done with both colour and design. Having your table and chairs be different colours looks lovely, as does mixing a modern table with rustic chairs. These are just two options that incorporate contrast and style into one and will ensure that your dining room stands out beautifully because the furniture complement each other, yet the different qualities set them apart. 

With all the different options and styles that are available today, you will not have a problem finding furniture that suits your needs both in terms of design and functionality. Chairs are available in any colour and tables are available in different shapes and designs, allowing you to stay away from boring styles and creating a look that is very unique. 

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