Furniture Arrangement Ideas And More For Small Living Rooms

Arranging your furniture in a way that does not make your living room feel crowded or narrow can be challenging, especially when you’re working with a small space. Choosing furniture for small living rooms may seem like an impossible task, but the following ideas will help make the room feel spacious:

  1. Scale down your furniture. The pieces you select must always be relative to the size of the room, so when you have a small space, you need to select furniture accordingly. Consider leaner tables so that you save floor space and tight-back sofas are always a better option because they are less deep, but extremely comfortable, so they will not overwhelm your space. Wall-mounted shelves are another great idea to consider because bulky bookcases will suffocate the room and make it feel even smaller.
  2. Incorporate décor to create visual interest by placing different types of lighting sources at different heights to draw the eye to different areas of the room. This will make your living room feel bigger while making it far more interesting. Another great idea is a bold accent wall or wallpaper, which is equally eye-catching and will elevate the appearance of your space significantly.
  3. Float certain pieces of furniture. It’s very tempting to push all of your furniture up against walls so that you have an open flooring in the middle, but that area can be put to better use, especially in a room that’s tight on space. Try to float your couch so that you can place two smaller chairs behind it, making room for more seating and creating a space for intimate conversation.
  4. Accentuate the room’s best features. Smaller rooms need to be designed strategically to make the most out of the space and assessing the room’s assets is a great place to start. The room’s best features should be the focal point because it will make the space a lot more appealing, so if there is a beautiful fireplace, be sure to draw attention to it or if the room has great lighting, play up this factor using lighter colors to create the illusion of a bigger space.
  5. If your living room also acts as a dining room, try café style seating, which is perfect for a couple or anyone living on their own because a massive table is unnecessary. Consider placing a beautiful round café table with two unique chairs because this can be used on a daily basis and won’t be overwhelming for your small space.

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