How to Add Farmhouse Ideas to Your Home

Farmhouse decor is not just meant for those living on a farm, it is for everyone. Farmhouse decor adds an attractive twist to suburban homes and urban apartments. There’s no need to change your entire decor for the addition. A few touches here and there can infuse that element of rustic charm. A survey of over 1,000 homeowners in North America reported that “country cottage” or “modern farmhouse” rated right on top with respondents as their favourite style. It’s a mix of vintage and new age, rural and urban, warmth and elegance, simplicity and style.

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

If the word leaves you confused, think mid-19th century rural North America. We are not talking about frills and floral fabric but clean lines, elegance and minimalism. Contrast is the order of the day. Light against dark; rough textures against smooth surfaces; blacks and whites; shelves, metals, old and new. Set it all off with vivid greenery and the natural colours of hydrangeas. That’s modern farmhouse style for you. Sounds inviting? Here’s how you can create the look without breaking the bank.

How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Look

Living Room: Replace outdated wall-to-wall carpets with area rugs. Keep the colours neutral and textures rough. Bring the walls alive with graphic art. Use mirrors with rustic wooden frames. Choose upholstery in shades of white or neutral colours to add serenity and warmth. Use natural textiles such as cotton, burlap, and linen as several varieties all over the house. Use cotton slipcovers and colourful throw pillows.

Dining Room: Pair a distressed wood table with upholstered head chairs or elegant benches. Repeat the pendant lighting theme over the dining area and place a flower vase with greenery and dry branches. A raffia ribbon adds simple charm. These will last longer, look refreshing and bring the rustic colours of wood alive. A burlap table runner is a charming addition. Use buffalo check, linen or cotton drapes.

Bedroom: Roll out rustic area rugs under a modern study desk. Place wicker baskets around the room to hold children’s toys or knick-knacks. Use bedspreads in neutral colours that contrast with the warmth of hardwood floors. Use lanterns instead of table lamps. The look is breezy, easy and elegant.

Kitchen: Think of industrial lighting and reclaimed wood. If that’s too complex for you, keep it simple. How about black-grey-white colour palette? Blend natural stone countertops with exposed pipe shelving and wood floors with exposed knots. Light up the island with rustic lighting. Use cast iron and wood. Hang pots and pans on ceiling racks or walls. Cabinets can be in wood or painted white. Place wooden chairs for a vintage look.

Bathrooms: Keep it clean, clutter-free and casual. Paint cabinets white. Repurpose an old dresser or cabinet with a distressed look to use as a vanity. Hang fun vintage signs on the bathroom door or wall. Distressed wood captures the look well.

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