How to Restore Furniture Damaged by Fire

Fire can wreak havoc on your home, life and belongings. Smoke from the fire will stain hard surfaces, burns wallpaper, leave messy soot and the strong odour of smoke deep in the fabric of sofas. It is not impossible to get rid of the smoke but it is certainly impossible to do so yourself if you don’t have the knowledge or tools.

A professional restoration company specializing in smoke damage clean-up can restore high-quality furniture and protect it from long-term damage. If you have valuable antiques inherited from your grandparents that you don’t want to say goodbye to just yet, contact professionals to help you clean and salvage them. 

The technique to remove smoke from furniture varies from material to material. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise in different materials to repair smoke destroyed couches, coffee tables and chairs. The soot and smoke are removed with specially formulated products to clean high-quality wood furniture, both finished and unfinished. These can clean out the soot without ruining the varnish. 

Gentle cleaners

The cleaning products differ for finished and unfinished furniture. The inside of drawers and cabinets is known as unfinished wood that has no varnish to protect it. These tend to trap soot and smells more. Use gentle cleansers and seal when they are completely dry to lock in odours. 

Don’t vacuum

Never attempt to vacuum out the soot from the fabric. This can do more damage than good. The soot has oils that can smudge on the fabric, leaving permanent stains all over. Use just the vacuum nozzle if you have to but avoid touching the soot with the end. Hold it about an inch away to draw out the loose soot sitting on the fabric. 

Dry cleaning

Professional dry cleaners have the required tools to remove the smell of smoke and any residue left behind. You can have cushions, pillows, draperies, and other fabrics, such as tablecloths, dry cleaned professionally. Avoid washing them in the machine at home. The detergent may not be powerful enough to remove the soot. If it’s too harsh, it may ruin the fabric or diffuse the soot and make it worse. 

Replace your furnace filter

Soot from smoke can settle in your filters and keep blowing out from the ducts reapplying the soot everywhere. If you find your furnace filter smelling of smoke, replace it at once.

Jenso Upholstering

Need a hand to clean out the smoke from your home? Jenso Upholstering can help. We use oxidizing agents such as ozone to remove the stench for good. Whether you wish to restore antique furniture or new models, our expert upholsters take your furniture, turn them brand new and return them right to your home, saving you the inconvenience of hiring bigger vehicles to pick them up from us. 

Call us for free advice or feedback on your decisions. We have been bringing damaged furniture back to life for over 30 years. Fill in your details on our website and we will get back to you for further discussions.

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