Major Benefits of Getting Your Furniture Reupholstered

Ah! It looks like the furniture you first fell in love with has significantly changed. The lousy padding, worn-out fabric, faded colours, and squeaky wood are calling for immediate action. Merely replacing the furniture is an option but the countless memories, unique style and money restraint can hold you back. Well, you’ll be happy to know that getting your furniture reupholstered is an excellent way of reviving it.

The process of reupholstery involves removing original fabric down to the frame. The expert takes the opportunity to tighten all screws and replace the pre-existing springs, stuffings and padding. Lastly, the new fabric of your choice gets fixated on the furniture. Getting your furniture reupholstered offers numerous benefits, and we have listed a few below.

Maintaining the Quality

Certain pieces of furniture with unique style and design are bought with the aim of keeping them for a lifetime. It’s hard to give them away just because the fabric has begun to fade and the comfort level has reduced. Reupholstery offers you an option to get deteriorated parts maintained so you can continue enjoying your favourite furniture pieces.

If It’s a Set

Furniture bought in a set is extraordinary because each piece compliments the other and dictates the overall ambiance of the room. However, the damaged fabric of one piece may drag the appearance of the whole set. Simply getting the particular furniture component reupholstered with similar fabric can easily save you from the hassle of repurchasing entire furniture set.

Style Upgrade

Excitingly enough, your furniture doesn’t have to be damaged for you to consider reupholstery. Housing sofas and chairs of the same colour and style can get boring. If it’s time for a switch up, you can pick out fabric that matches your new preferences and get your seating re-done.

Close to the Family

Emotionally bound furniture pieces that were given as a present from a loved one or passed on from older generations carry tremendous importance. The vintage ottoman, fauteuil and other sentimental furniture pieces can be revived through reupholstery to look as good as new and prepared to be passed onto the generations after you.

Contact JENSO Upholstery

Handing over your furniture to experts who understand its value is an important part of caring for it. Jenso Upholstering Inc. is a family owned business in Oakville, ON that serves as a centre for expert reupholstering services and interior decoration.

We are a team of dedicated and friendly design consultants, seamstresses, and upholsterers with over two decades of experience in offering services to customers in Oakville, Burlington and the surrounding areas.

Come on in for services including reupholstering, marine upholstering, patio cushions, custom throw pillows, custom window seating cushions, furniture refinishing, fabric covered headboards, and custom headboards. We are here to assist you with our creative vision and decorative services while keeping environmental concerns at heart.

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