Pets and Furniture

Every pet owner, no matter how well they have trained their pet, has found Fido or Mittens on the couch or even the kitchen table when they get home or come downstairs in the middle of the night. Keeping your furniture safe from them helps preserve it for longer, keeps allergins at bay, and keeps it from becoming damaged. Pets can wreak havoc on furniture with scratches, bites, hair, and stains, but with the right furniture and some training on your behalf, your beautiful furniture can coexist and be well maintained in a house full of pets.

How to Keep Furniture Clean

When you have pets, there are many things you can do to help keep your furniture looking great. One of the best things you can do is to groom your pets regularly. Not only does this help keep them healthy and happy but it also keeps their fur off of your furniture. If you have fabric furniture, especially velvet or corduroy or other slightly textured fabrics, then it does not long for pet hair to accumulate.

Another strategy is to give your pets a place of their own. Obviously, they will still want to climb up on the couch with you, and they can get up to mischief at night, but the more spaces they have to rest in comfort the less likely they are to be upset about being banished from the couch. A lovely dog bed for your dog and a bed or a cat tree for your cat will encourage them to take comfort in their own space and will give them a special spot all their own. A cat tree also provides your cat with a place to scratch and climb, so they won’t do it to your couch.

Protect What You Have

If you like having your pets on your couch but you don’t want to clean up the fur or worry about accidental scratches, or you have a puppy or kitten that is potty training, then investing in a couch protector may be worth it. It does not have to be the squeaky plastic version your grandmother had. Even just a slipcover, or a well-placed decorative throw or blanket will help keep your couch looking great. While a cover will not protect your sofa from cat scratches, the only way to deal with this is train your cat not to scratch your couch and to provide them with plenty of other things to scratch.

Pick Pet-Friendly Fabric

Many fabrics work well with pets. Thicker leathers are scratch-resistant and if there are any puppy accidents on it then clean up is a breeze. Suede microfibre is an excellent option because fur is easy to clean off of it and washing covers is easy.

At Jenso Upholstery we have a huge range of fabrics that can work in a pet-friendly home. If your pet has ruined your upholstery, or it is time for an upgrade, then we can reupholster your couch as well as do other furniture reupholstery. We also do sofa repair to return your furniture to brand new. Contact us today for a quote!

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