Six Great Furniture Ideas For The Space At The Foot Of Your Bed

Many people do not utilize the space they have at the foot of their bed, but it is a great area to place a piece of furniture. The piece of furniture you choose will depend on the amount of space you have and you can select something functional or furniture that’s strictly there for aesthetic reasons. There are several options to choose from for this particular area, so if you are interested in using this space, here are some fantastic furniture ideas you can consider specifically for the foot of your bed:

Large bench

This is a great choice because both a bench and ottoman serve multiple purposes and can be used as a place to sit, to hold a tray of your personal belongings or even where you place your bedspread at night. You can even choose a storage bench so that you can store extra pillows or other bedroom items inside. Not only are benches functional, but both wooden and upholstered benches are also great for décor.

A pair of chairs

This will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and placing two upholstered armchairs at the foot of your bed will be both practical and sophisticated. Placing a lamp in between will provide you with a cozy area to read or to comfortably put on your socks and shoes.


This is a great alternative to a pair of chairs and perfect for the end of a queen or king-size bed. You can place a cozy blanket over it and add decorative pillows and you’ll have yourself a lovely little sitting area.


If you have a bed that’s high, you may have room for a taller piece of furniture like a cabinet and drawers will provide you with more storage space for linens, books and any other items you wish to store. 

Chest or trunk

If you want your bedroom to be unique, you can place a beautiful trunk at the foot of your bed where you can store extra blankets and pillows. You can choose an antique piece or modern one and both options will elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom. 

Writing desk

If you have the room for a desk, you’ll be able to use your bedroom during the day as well. You can create the perfect area where you can answer emails, make phone calls and read your mail. A writing desk will not only allow you to enjoy your bedroom a lot more, you’ll also be able to complete work tasks from the comfort of your bedroom.

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