Thinking Of Having Your Dining Chairs Reupholstered? Consider Your Fabric Options

Just about any fabric can be used to reupholster your favourite dining room chairs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all suitable! Choosing the wrong material for your chairs can leave you frustrated and overloaded with maintenance requirements. Selecting the wrong colour or pattern could ruin the entire look of your dining room. Picking the perfect fabric is in the best interest for your style and budget.

How do you decide on the most suitable fabric? It can be difficult to know where to begin but with JENSO Upholstering, it’s as easy as can be. Our experts are proficient in furniture restoration and how to enhance a home’s visual appeal. Check out our guide on the most suitable fabrics to use for your dining chair reupholstery.


A cost-efficient alternative to leather, vinyl is extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. Vinyl is extremely easy to care for, which makes it a sensible fabric selection for homeowners with a bustling family with children and pets.


Authentic leather is an extremely resilient and forgiving fabric. Although the more luxurious and expensive fabric on our list, choosing a leather fabric for your upholstered dining chairs guarantees an almost-completely stain-resistant, easy-to-wash, gorgeous piece of furniture. It always looks stunning in virtually every room it’s placed in and only requires a vacuum and a quick wipe with leather conditioner.


Cotton is a beautiful material, however, it is far less resistant to dirt, wrinkles and fire than other fabrics. When cotton is blended with other fabrics, it can be a far more durable and practical investment. It can become much more sturdy when blended with polyester or linen, along with a stain-resistant finish.


Linen is an extremely durable natural fibre that is quite smooth and soft to the touch. It completely resits soiling and pilling because it can be cleaned easily. However, it wrinkles easily, which makes it more suitable for a more casual, family dining room than a formal dining setting. When linen is blended with a cotton material as a dining chair fabric, it may have a longer lifespan because of the combined elasticity.

Why Upholster Your Dining Chairs?

The dining room is a distinctive room in every home where memories are made over dinner parties, family breakfasts, or even just playing cards. The chairs you sit on should be aesthetically appealing, comfortable and complete the entire look of the room. Furniture refinishing shows off the original features of your chairs that you love while restoring it to look brand new. The perfect alternative to having to break the bank on new dining room chairs, reupholstering your chairs is the most viable choice!

When your favourite furniture shows signs of wear, don’t discard it – allow the JENSO Upholstering furniture refinishing professionals to restore it! Our Home Consultant will show you gorgeous fabric samples right at your home and ensure you’re happy with your choice before we begin. Only our master craftsmen handle your treasured pieces for unique care! Get in touch with us to get started!

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