Time to Repair Old Broken Furniture

Old furniture does not always need to be thrown away, and in many cases can be repaired so that you can enjoy your pieces even longer. It’s hard to find furniture that you love so when you do, you want to hang on to them for as long as possible. After all, a lot of furniture pieces are not just furniture, but an investment so it’s worth repairing them if possible. 

Chairs, in particular, tend to see damage over the years from being pulled and pushed, which can cause the rungs to pop out of the legs. This can easily be fixed by gluing them back together. It is important to remove the old glue and not to add more glue on top of it as it will not help repair it in any way. Get rid of the old glue and sand down the end of the rung so that it’s clean. Once that step is complete, you can proceed by inserting wood glue right into the opening in the leg of the chair and inserting the rung. Hold the chair as tight as you can until the glue is completely dry and your chair will be ready for use again.

If you’ve experienced sitting in a wobbly chair, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be. Gluing loose rungs or tightening the hardware can sometimes help but if you try doing those things and still find that your chairs are wobbly, then you may have to add angle corner braces, which can be found at your local hardware store. They are inexpensive and some types allow you to paint over them, so pick the right ones if you want to paint it to match your chair. Drill the brace where each leg meets the seat which should make a big difference and eliminate the wobbly effect.

Loose legs are another problem that can easily occur when people drag them across the room as opposed to picking it up, which is how chairs should be moved. Many people think that driving some screws through the furniture and into the leg will resolve the issue because it will secure it, but that actually causes more problems because it will split the wood. What you should do is to sand the inside of the leg that faces the furniture which will help the glue to form a stronger bond that will firmly hold the leg in place so that it’s no longer wobbly. Use fasteners as well to complete the task. 

Whatever problem you’re facing with your furniture, JENSO Upholstering can help repair it. They specialize in furniture restoration and refinishing and can assist with couch repairs, dining chair reupholstering, and provide upholstery fabric for chairs, to name a few. If you need furniture repair of any kind, whether it’s for your sofa or upholstering your chairs, they do it all! Contact them today to start using your furniture comfortably again.

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