Velvet Upholstery Fabric: One of the Most Alluring and Luxurious Fabrics

Velvet is becoming more and more popular in the upholstery industry because of its allure and luxurious appearance. This material contains three-dimensional properties and is a great option to consider if you want to update and elevate any of your furniture pieces.

Velvet was originally made from silk but advancements in the textile industry have changed this aspect, and velvet is now made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk and synthetic fibres. One of the reasons why this material is so desirable is because it has many alluring traits that make it distinctive. Unlike other fabrics, velvet is not flat and has a nap, which is the direction that the fibres naturally flow. This will cause it to look different depending on the angle you are standing on, and velvet is especially distinctive because of the light reflective properties it contains. The same colour can look different depending on your angle, which is a very unique feature, and you can groom the fibres in the same direction to create uniformity all around.

The feel of velvet is also very unique, and this fabric is very smooth, which makes it perfect for sofas and chairs. When you see velvet, you will naturally want to touch it because it is inviting and beautiful. You will instantly want to run your hands down the fabric because it is magnificent and will provide you with a very satisfactory feeling.

While its features are beautiful, velvet does require maintenance, and this aspect is very important. Special care is necessary but it’s not as hard as you may think, so do not let this scare you away. Despite its delicate appearance, velvet is actually quite resilient, and if you care for it properly, it will last for a very long time. If you spill a drink on a velvet chair, you can first try blotting it if the spill is not too bad. Velvet has stain-resistant properties built into it, so blotting will help and it can make a difference. If the spill is very bad and you think it may result in staining, you can use steam but you need to be very careful because doing this incorrectly can damage the fabric, so follow all of the right steps. You can also eliminate wrinkles this way, so if you ever notice that your sofa is wrinkled, you can steam the fabric and brush the wrinkles out gently to help with this problem. Velvet is resilient, so it will bounce back after some use, so you do not have to worry.

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