We can Reupholster any brand & style!

We regularly reupholster furniture from the more popular retailers such as Ethan Allen, Swiss Interiors,  Art Shoppe & Barrymore. There are literally thousands of different styles and makes of furniture.

When you have invested in quality branded furniture you don’t want to discard it just becuase the upholstery is starting to show signs of wear. Jenso Upholstery offers you the perfect alternative to having to reinvest in new furniture.

We can Reupholster any brand

Highstreet Stores


We regularly reupholster furniture from the more popular retailers such as Ethan Allen, Swiss Interiors, Joshua Creek and  Art Shoppe.

Parker Knoll

Parker Knoll Furniture

Jenso can re-upholster & restore any style of Parker Knoll furniture including those iconic models from the 1930’s.


Ercol are well renowned for their distinct designs of curvaceous show wood frames.

We can Reupholster any style

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs (1)

The Dining Chair is a critically important furniture style that features in almost every home.

Chaise Longue

Chaise (1)

Part of the daybed family of furniture dating back centuries and is actually a merger of a daybed and chair


Chesterfield (1)

Renowned as an icon of British furniture design, this timeless style adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Drop Arm Sofa

Drop Arm (1)

Drop Arm Sofas have historic links with daybeds and have been around in some form for many years.

Queen Anne Chair

Queen Anne 1

The Queen Anne Style is a furniture or decoration style that reached its peak of popularity in the 19th century.

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