Why Your Furniture Is Worth Refurbishing

Most homeowners have at least one piece of wooden furniture in their living space along with padded sofas and chairs. Whether you have an antique dining set inherited from a family member or a vintage Parker Knoll sofa from the 1930s, these are treasured pieces. As beautiful as these items once were, they can degrade as the year’s pass and lose their initial aesthetic appeal. However, wood and other materials can be restored and the furniture you hold dear can be even more visually appealing than the day you bought it.

Don’t throw that antique away, when you can bring it to JENSO Upholstering for the TLC it deserves. Read on to learn why to refurbish:

Preserving the Value of Your Dollar

Nowadays, a lot of furniture is made hasty and certainly without the same amount of love, passion and hard work that used to go into building home pieces. Cheap design, construction, and materials are used to ultimately achieve affordable, aesthetically pleasing but inefficient, impractical furniture pieces. When you have your furniture upholstered, you’re making the most cost-effective, responsible and practical decision. Even with normal wear and tear, refurbished furniture can last up to 15 to 20 years, which makes for a great return on your investment.

Giving Traditional Furniture An Updated Look

If you’re doing a home remodel, or simply replacing some outdated items with new ones, don’t feel like your sofas, chairs or wooden furniture pieces have to stay stuck in the old times. Styles change, and although other items in your home may need to be replaced, your gorgeous pieces just need restoring! If you’re going for a more modern look, instead of buying a whole new living room or dining set, JENSO Upholstering can refurbish the furniture you have for a contemporary, but still timeless style.

Upholstering Is Environmentally Friendly

Throwing out, then purchasing brand new furniture adds to waste and requires more resources than upholstery. Upholstering is a viable, environmentally friendly alternative that leaves you with a high-quality, stunning piece of furniture. What could be better? JENSO reuses the springs and frames when refurbishing to cut down on waste. Recycling furniture is the most responsible choice for your budget, your home and the environment!

Refurbishing Is Purely Sentimental

That piece of furniture that was passed down or beloved by every family member including the cat, doesn’t deserve to fade into the abyss. It can be immensely satisfying and emotional to receive your restored and cherished piece of furniture. Your family history will remain intact and able to be passed down in a tangible item for generations to come.

For your furniture restoration needs, you can rely on JENSO Upholstering. Our family-owned furniture repair business has mastered the skill of restoring timeless, sophisticated pieces to fit in with today’s trends. Our excellent workmanship and eco-friendly upholstery are guaranteed for six months. Get in touch with us for a free quote on your furniture today!

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