Caring For Your Reupholstery

Thank you for choosing Plumbs Reupholstery, our premium product. Made from top quality fabrics, chosen to be both beautiful and hardwearing, you can be assured that your new Reupholstery will enhance your furniture for many years to come.

As the owner of new Reupholstery, your concern will be to preserve the quality and good look that beautiful tailoring brings.

With Plumbs Reupholstery you need have no worries. We have produced this easy to follow guide to help you get the most from your investment.

Keep the Showroom finish for years and years.
The Reupholstery of your furniture has been completed using selected fabrics that conform to very high standards. By following a few care instructions you can ensure prolonged satisfaction with your product.

  • Vacuum your upholstery regularly using a brush attachment, as accumulated dirt will accelerate fabric wear.
  • Loose cushion covers should be rotated regularly and reversed to give even wear.
  • Avoid sharp objects that may snag fabrics. Pets should be kept off Re-upholstery.
  • Do not machine wash removable items such as cushion covers.
  • Plump up your feather and soft back and seat cushions regularly.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to minimize fading.
  • Clean accidental spills as soon as possible. When spot cleaning, test in a small area, which isn’t visible.
  • Note on Chenille and Velvet fabrics - the pile will flatten with use. This may result in a ‘shaded’ area on contact areas but this is normal for this type of fabric. Vacuum, using a brush attachment to reduce flattening.