Everything You Need To Know About Reupholstering Vintage Pieces

Vintage furniture pieces are hard to find, so if you are lucky enough to have them in your collection, it’s wise to hang on to them because vintage pieces are durable, well-made and unique. You cannot find vintage furniture easily, and if you want to update your pieces, consider having them reupholstered because this would allow you to continue to use your unique and beautiful pieces of furniture.

You can choose between different fabrics, textures and colours, and reupholstery is the perfect way of updating older pieces that may no longer be stylish. Your vintage pieces can meet your current design preferences so that you can continue to enjoy them, and as wonderful as this solution sounds, it is important to note that upholstering furniture is a very difficult thing to do because it is a skilled craft, so you should not try doing this on your own as you may end up wasting your time, material and money.

If you are interested in upholstering some of your vintage pieces, the following tips will help:

Choose The Right Pieces

If you want the process to be smooth, you need to reupholster pieces you love. If you have a piece of furniture whose shape and style you really like, invest in it because it’s hard to find shapes that suit your personal taste but the finish can always be updated. You can always choose new fabrics and colours to match your home’s décor but you may not always be able to find furniture pieces that are sturdy and in great shape, so invest in the ones you love.

Find A Reputable Upholsterer

This particular industry is small, so it’s not always easy to find the right upholsterer. If you know an interior designer, ask them for a recommendation or ask your family and friends if they know of anyone who can complete this type of job. Skills and experience are a must because upholstery is a craft, and the person must know how to reupholster vintage pieces specifically.

Compare Costs

It’s natural to want deals and cheap pricing but you get what you pay for, and it’s no different with upholstery. A cheap quote is great but you may end up with cheap results, so you need to be prepared. It may be worth paying a little more if you know you are going to get high-quality results, so compare the costs as well as the work so that you know what to expect. The location, type of establishment, their experience and the amount of business you provide will all affect the costs, so keep this information in mind.

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