Is It Cheaper To Reupholster Or Buy New?

If you’re looking to update your home through pieces of furniture, you may be wondering if it is cheaper to reupholster such items instead of buying new ones. This is a good question because the reality is that it’s not always cheaper to reupholster furniture, and you may not end up saving any money.

Upholstering is a skilled trade that is very labour-intensive, and there are not many people left in this industry. The master craftsmen that are still working may charge a higher rate because of how rare their skills are becoming, so in terms of costs, upholstered options may not be any less expensive than buying new pieces of furniture. In fact, it can be quite expensive to have something reupholstered, especially once you factor in the price of labour and the price of the fabric. This may cause you to lean towards buying new but you need to remember that purchasing new items is easy, whereas reupholstering a piece will provide you with furniture that is unique, and you would not be able to buy such pieces anywhere, so reupholstering is certainly worth considering.

In addition to the fact that upholstered pieces are unique, there are a number of other reasons why you should upholster old pieces of furniture, including the following:

It May Be Vintage

Old furniture that was acquired from thrift stores or estate sales may be vintage and such pieces are original, so it is worth updating them by having them reupholstered. Vintage furniture is well made and has beautiful shapes, so you should definitely keep them. Reupholstering them will change their appearance so that it matches your current taste and design preferences, so it is a great way to update old pieces of furniture.

You Can Hang On To Expensive Pieces Of Furniture

High-quality furniture pieces are expensive, so even if they are old, they are hard to get rid of because you have likely paid a lot of money for them. Reupholstering such pieces will allow you to continue to use the furniture that you love, so you won’t have to spend a fortune buying new items and can simply update the fabric by having them reupholstered. The same is true of furniture that is comfortable, so if you have pieces that are outdated but you cannot bring yourself to get rid of them, consider having them reupholstered instead.

You Can Have Custom Pieces Of Furniture

Upholstery allows you to select unique fabrics, which will provide you with a custom-designer look, so your furniture pieces will stand out. You will have items that cannot be purchased, and every guest will notice the beauty of your reupholstered pieces.

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